Like every bygone pageant queen, my dream is world peace. I believe everyone deserves a chance at being calm, whether it be from the cohesiveness of your virtual team or the public health advertisement on the subway that’s easy on your eyes. In a world becoming more distracting by the second, the ability to create order out of chaos will become the champion of a healthy society. 

What sets me apart is my ability to communicate across the board. My honors minor in Interdisciplinary Studies gave me the tools I need to look at situations from different perspectives like examining policy changes through a scientific, social, and ethical lens. My college experience has been about pushing myself to design the life I love, which has now become literal after adding a graphic design minor my Junior year. 

Anyone can communicate, but it takes years of working with theory and applied experience to understand what you want to say and how you want to say it. I have the passion, skills, and experience to make your vision a reality.