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Interdisciplinary Honors Capstone: The Intersectionality of Cannabis Prohibition 20th & 21st Century America

1Capstone Rough DraftOur senior thesis had to be interdisciplinary and on a topic, we feel is best examined through multiple lenses and is important to inform others about. For me, the way an herbaceous, medicinal plant has been treated for the past century has been not just odd, but downright suspicious. Cannabis (both Tetrahydracannabinoidal [THC] and Cannabidiols [CBD]) as a medicinal plant today has been treated as a sham and is still federally illegal despite PEW reporting over sixty percent of the population wants full legalization of the plant. Whichever side of the fence you stand on, I believe it is important to allow major drug testing at federal levels of THC as well as CBD to allow the public the opportunity to grow their own affordable medicine and keep the public and environment safe from the negative results of unregulated cannabis production. To read how race, religion, regressive legislation, and unjustifiably difficult access to medical use affect cannabis policy and opinion, read my Capstone.

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